How weed can make exercise more fun

People smoke cannabis for a variety of reasons, including for pleasure and to unwind. Now new research has found another benefit: Getting high can make exercise more enjoyable. The study included more than three dozen runners who were experienced cannabis users. When they smoked or vaped marijuana before exercising on a treadmill, they enjoyed their

6 strategies to reduce overthinking at night for better sleep

Overthinking at night — about insomnia and other matters — is a common problem for many of my patients with sleep disorders. It interferes with falling asleep or going back to sleep, and prevents peaceful rest when they can’t sleep anyway. Overthinking usually refers to thought processes such as racing thoughts or perseveration. The content

Thomas and Trump face the same question: How far is too far?

When the Supreme Court considers whether Donald Trump is eligible to appear on presidential ballots this November, it will do so with the participation of all nine of its members. Justice Clarence Thomas chose not to recuse himself from the case, Trump v. Anderson, despite pressure to do so. Trump’s eligibility and Thomas’s recusal raise