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How weed can make exercise more fun

People smoke cannabis for a variety of reasons, including for pleasure and to unwind. Now new research has found another benefit: Getting high can make exercise more enjoyable. The study included more than three dozen runners who were experienced cannabis users. When they smoked or vaped marijuana before exercising on a treadmill, they enjoyed their

6 strategies to reduce overthinking at night for better sleep

Overthinking at night — about insomnia and other matters — is a common problem for many of my patients with sleep disorders. It interferes with falling asleep or going back to sleep, and prevents peaceful rest when they can’t sleep anyway. Overthinking usually refers to thought processes such as racing thoughts or perseveration. The content

Thomas and Trump face the same question: How far is too far?

When the Supreme Court considers whether Donald Trump is eligible to appear on presidential ballots this November, it will do so with the participation of all nine of its members. Justice Clarence Thomas chose not to recuse himself from the case, Trump v. Anderson, despite pressure to do so. Trump’s eligibility and Thomas’s recusal raise

How to make a historic home more functional for a modern lifestyle

When Stephen and Skye Replogle first toured the rambling old house in the Palisades neighborhood of D.C., they weren’t necessarily looking for a project. Having just completed a renovation on their prior home, they were hoping for something move-in ready. But the moment they saw the buttercream yellow abode with its wraparound porch and abundant

Sen. Ron Wyden calls on Biden to fire Social Security IG Gail Ennis

The Democratic chairman of a powerful Senate committee on Wednesday called on President Biden to fire the lead watchdog for the Social Security Administration, pointing to stalled investigations and plunging staff morale. In a letter sent Wednesday to the White House, Sen. Ron Wyden (Ore.), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said promises by Inspector

Boris Nadezhdin, antiwar candidate, banned from challenging Putin

MOSCOW — Russian electoral authorities on Thursday banned the only remaining antiwar candidate, Boris Nadezhdin, from running against President Vladimir Putin in the March election, suggesting a degree of nervousness about an antiwar protest vote amid national war fatigue. Russian authorities have long manipulated elections in a process officials have euphemistically described as “managed democracy,”

Forecasters predict the end of El Niño and issue La Niña watch

Signs of a historically strong El Niño global climate pattern became obvious in recent weeks — including deadly fires in South America and deluges in California. Yet scientists are now predicting that the regime could disappear within months. Forecasters at the National Weather Service issued a La Niña watch Thursday, projecting that there is about

Opinion | For House Republicans, failure is the only option

House Speaker Mike Johnson has been on the job for barely more than 100 days, but he has already accomplished the impossible. He has made Kevin McCarthy look like a legislative genius. The Louisiana Republican has amassed a record of failure and dysfunction in just three months that his predecessor labored for nine months to

Sen. Murphy calls GOP border meltdown ‘bizarre, maddening’

Good morning, Early Birds. We’re running our weekly Q&A, which typically appears on Fridays, a day early this week. Tips: Was this forwarded to you? Sign up here. Thanks for waking up with us. In today’s edition … House Republicans prepare for Democratic border attacks … SCOTUS is poised to hear the Trump ballot

GOP leaders face unrest amid chaotic, bungled votes

Moments before pandemonium broke out on the House floor on Tuesday evening, House Majority Whip Tom Emmer approached Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.), who had assumed a leisurely slouch in a rickety wooden chair in the back of the House chamber, for what appeared to be a quick chat. Unbeknownst to reporters whose eyes were trained

Self-sabotage harms your health. Here’s how to stop.

Many of us can recall a time when we have self-sabotaged — behaved in a way that runs counter to our interests. But some people do so repeatedly. People procrastinate, for instance, in filing tax returns, expense accounts or other important paperwork. Others take on too many projects. Still others cannot commit to their romantic

12 crowd-pleasing dip recipes for your Super Bowl party

Crab dip and football. That’s what Maryland does. If the Ravens had found a way to get past the Chiefs, this deeply savory dip, spiked with paprika, Dijon mustard and parmesan cheese, would’ve been higher up the list. Nevertheless, when it arrives on the table, warm, bubbling and packed with crab meat and spinach, it’s

Opinion | How to fix the nightmare of modern flying

I’m a compulsive noncomplainer — and nowhere is this habit more apparent than when I’m on an airplane. Even when a 90-minute hop between Boston and D.C. turns into an 11-hour saga. Even in the face of tarmac paralysis, redirection by thunderstorm, refueling delays and returns to the gate to unload irate passengers: You won’t

Is Taylor Swift a WAG?

It was a story too captivating to ignore: one of the world’s biggest pop stars at the height of her powers, falling in love with the strapping athlete at the peak of his game. It is both odd and thrilling to see her as a spectator, but because wherever she is becomes center stage, the

Valentine’s Day happy hours and events for singles in D.C.

Transformer’s Heartbreakers Ball Show some love for D.C.’s art community at Transformer’s eighth Heartbreakers Ball. The main attraction is Transformer’s FlatFile: a curated collection of roughly 400 works of art by at least 40 up-and-coming artists, all sized at 16 by 20 inches or smaller, and all priced at $500 or less. There are two

Washington Post company history – The Washington Post

Early history (1877-1933) | Eugene Meyer (1933-1946) | Philip Graham (1946-1963) | Katharine Graham (1963-1981) | Don Graham (1979-2013) | Frederick J. Ryan Jr. (2014-present) Early history (1877-1933) 1877: Founded by independent-minded Democrat Stilson Hutchins, The Washington Post began publishing on Thursday, Dec. 6. It was printed at 914 Pennsylvania Ave. NW and had a

Super Bowl records come and go. Jerry Rice’s endure.

In last month’s AFC championship game win over Baltimore, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce broke San Francisco 49ers legend Jerry Rice’s record for career postseason receptions (151) and tied the Hall of Fame wideout’s mark for most 100-yard receiving games (eight) in the postseason. Rice remains the NFL’s all-time leader in receptions, receiving